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Firm Profile and Philosophy

Tek Pe Engineers offers a complete range of structural engineering services to architects, developers, building owners and government agencies throughout California. Since its opening in 1980, the firm has established an impressive record of appropriate, timely and cost-effective solutions to a variety of design problems.

Development of successful engineering solutions requires a thorough knowledge of construction materials and methods and a variety of building types. TPE has experience in the design and construction of all major types of structures including steel, reinforced concrete, timber and masonry. TPE has provided structural engineering services for a number of commercial and residential projects including mid-size office buildings, large retail facilities and apartment houses. They are familiar with the unique requirements of specialized structures such as churches and health care centers.

The firm also provides services related to the rehabilitation and seismic upgrade of existing buildings. Attention to design and construction schedules and budgets is of major importance. TPE takes particular pride in providing solutions that strike the proper balance between optimum design and money constraints. Success may also depend on effective interaction with others involved in the design and construction process.

TPE has an excellent history of working relationships with architects and owners and with other consultants. The firm is also experienced in negotiations with building departments and government regulatory agencies such as Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

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